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About Us

Whenever there is a birthday, a wedding, or any special event, we have our cameras ready to capture each precious moment. As we click away, we end up having so many pictures in our memory cards, but we only hand pick a few pictures that we like best, and frame them on our walls. For weddings, people spend so much on albums but they never really look back at them again. To solve this problem, we came up with PicaVue digital photo frames.

PicaVue gives life to your memories. Not just a few memories, but to all of them! We have introduced high class Picavue digital photo frames which have a unique look. The elegant look of our frames will leave you astonished! We are working day and night to take this concept to the next level and soon will be launching new products in this vertical. Till then Happy buying and get ready to share your precious memories!


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