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PICAVUE Digital Photo 15 Inches Manual

PicaVue Remote
Know your PicaVue frame from outside
1. Plug in power supply and attach to the frame, power it on.
2. You will see start up screen and then you will see below screen.

3. You will see five icons, representing movies, photos, music, ebook, others.
4. Insert USB or SD card and then select one of the first three choices. You will be able to play the media in the USB or SD card.
5. To view pdf, select fourth icon.
6. For settings, calendar and file explorer, select last(Other) icon.

7. You can select explorer or calendar
8. For more explaination on settings go to the next tab (Settings) under manuals.

System Pre-configures 12 Languages, Including Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Polish, Japanese.
You can set speed between the intervals of next media that will be played or displayed.
3.Repeat If you want play media repeatedly then choose one of the options. There are three repeat modes for option: repeat all, repeat off, repeat one.
4.Autoplay Specify what kind of file should be played automatically when power on. There are seven options: photo, music, movie, music+photo, custom, off, Mixed Play.
5.Reset Settings
Refers to when some system parameters are set incorrectly or an unusual circumstance happens, the user can resume to default settings and back to normal status.
6.Breakpoint play
If the frame suddenly loses power during file playback or operation, the user can resume playback from the breakpoint after rebooting. Select “YES” or “NO” to open or close this function.
Use this option to change brightness of the display.
8.Body Sensor
This is a motion sensor and you can choose interval of the effective time for the frame to be on when motion is being sensed.
9.Alarm Setup
Use this option to set alarm.
Use this option to set alarm.
Use this option to set mode.
Use this option to set time.
13.Auto Power On
You can program the frame to auto boot as per the time specified.
14.Auto Power Off
You can program the frame to auto shut off as per the time specified.
Special Settings

During photo playback or slide show, press “BACK/EXIT” key for couple of seconds on the remote control and then leave it. You will see the above menu and then you can choose options that you would like. You can achieve the same by pressing  “MENU” button behind the frame.

1.Set Bg
You can set a designated photo as frame’s desktop background. In the pop-up dialog box, the user will be asked if you are sure to set the designated photo as desktop background. Move the cursor to select “Yes” or “NO”, then press “ENTER” to save the setting.
2.BG Music
If you want to play music while playing slide show of photos then you can set the same by choosing “ON” of “Off”.
Refers to slideshow effects. There are fifteen special effect option: default, horizontal blind, vertical blinds, slide up, slide down, slide left, slide right, stretch up, stretch down, stretch left, stretch right, mosaic, zoom out, zoom in, random. Select a special effect, then press “ENTER” to save the setting. The System defaults “defaults”.
Refers to the switching speed of slideshows. There are three speed options: Fast, middle, Slow. Select the speed then press “ENTER” to save the setting. The system defaults to random.
Refers to the photo display ratio. There are four ratio options: Auto, Original Crop, Stretch. Select the display ratio, then Press “ENTER” to save the Setting. The System Defaults to “Auto”.



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